Veterinary Clean

Attention to detail and proper disinfecting are important when cleaning veterinary clinics. Like any medical facility, veterinary clinics face daily challenges including bodily fluid spills, cross-contamination of germs, floor stains, and the risk of exposing healthy animals to harmful pathogens. Pet owners quickly judge your clinic with their eyes and noses. Unpleasant odors, pet hair pushed into corners of the room, and spots on waiting room floors can negatively impact your reputation.


Some customers need a very detailed cleaning to get their facility up to standard before their regular commercial cleaning service program begins. This is called the Initial Clean. Your iCareClean consultant may recommend an Initial Cleaning Service if your facility has not been used for some time resulting in built-up dust and soil, if cleaning has been neglected in the past, or if you recently completed construction, renovation or rearranging. Thoroughly cleaning baseboards, vents, lighting fixtures, window sills, door frames, and all horizontal and vertical surfaces will get your facility back into shape.



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