Office Cleaning

iCareClean provides commercial office cleaning services to commercial and professional offices that need a good, consistent office cleaning program. Office environments require thorough dusting and disinfecting, vacuuming, mopping, restroom cleaning and trash removal. Killing and removing germs to create a cleaner and healthier workplace are important to help reduce the spread of illness and infection.

Doctor’s Office

iCareClean is ideal for doctors offices, physical therapy facilities, weight loss clinics, counseling centers, sleep centers, and medical or physician’s office buildings. In addition to proper cleaning and disinfecting of reception, waiting room, offices, conference rooms, training rooms and restrooms, medical office customers often request terminal cleaning in exam rooms, therapy areas and labs.

Dental Office

iCareClean understands patients judge the cleanliness of your practice with their eyes and their noses. In fact, 84% said they wouldn’t return to a medical office that had dirty restrooms. Patient comfort, health and safety are top priorities for your dental office or orthodontic treatment center. Encourage smiles and help your patients feel at ease from the moment they walk in the door with cleaner restrooms, operatory rooms and waiting areas.


A clean restaurant and customer loyalty go together like peanut butter & Jelly. Yelp reviews can ruin your reputation, most customers believe that a dirty bathroom means you have a dirty kitchen. Stained Floors , messy sink areas and toilet stalls, streaked windows, dried-up bugs and dusty surfaces could quickly end up as pictures on social media outlets. When choosing a restaurant cleaning service, make sure to select a partner who is specially trained to effectively clean your facility.


When children are playing, working and interacting with each other in close environments, such as schools and childcare facilities, they are more susceptible to the spread of illness-causing germs. Look to parents. It’s important to clean your school or academic facility correctly using proper disinfectants and avoiding corrosive chemicals or bleach. iCareClean pays special attention to high-touch points that many school cleaning companies ignore, helping students and faculty have a happy, healthy learning experience.

Production Studios

From supplemental staff during peak seasons to a complete, turn-key daily cleaning solution. We understand cleaning keeps your clients comfortable and staff at ease. Each production studio has its own customized work schedule. We understand last minute bookings, we are always available for your special request. You will be completely satisfied with the results we provide. iCareClean delivers the results you expect.

Strip & Refinish

Hard floor care such as scrub and recoat, burnishing, scrub and recover, or strip and refinish requires training, experience and expertise. In fact, an improperly finished floor can result in even more damage. If the finish layers are added too quickly, or not correctly, then a gummy, tacky residue can be left behind to pick up more dirt and leave floors looking dingy, dirty and dull. A cheap finish, uneven finish, or too few layers of finish will wear down very quickly, leaving floor surfaces exposed. But, not every cleaning provider is trained and prepared to maintain your floors. iCareClean offers hard floor care cleaning and care programs to keep your floors looking their best.

Carpet Care

Hot-water extraction, or steam cleaning, is a very common way to safely clean carpets. First, the carpet is pre-sprayed with carpet cleaning solution. Then, the hot water extractor sprays boiled water onto the carpet via high pressure jets in a wet vacuum wand, removing dirt and odors and killing germs. It is very important that the moisture is not left in the carpeting because mold and mildew can result. Steam cleaning is environmentally friendly and an effective way to remove dust mites and other organisms that may be living in your carpet. However, it does require drying time, so it must be scheduled during off hours. iCareClean offers professional carpet care programs that can help extend the life of your carpets.

Field Consultants
Special Services

Initial Clean, Deep Clean, Interior-Exterior Windows, Ceiling & Wall Cleaning, No Touch Restroom Machine Cleaning, Decontamination/Terminal Cleaning, Carpet Care, Machine Scrub, Strip and Refinish, Strip and Recoat, Spray Buffing, Burnishing, Grout Cleaning and more..

Terminal Cleaning

iCareClean’s Terminal cleaning methods vary, but usually include removing all detachable objects in the room, cleaning & disinfecting lighting and air duct surfaces in the ceiling, and cleaning everything downward to the floor. Items removed from the room are disinfected or sanitized before being returned to the room. Service Providers are required to wear gowns, protective shoes, protective hair nets, gloves and mask.








Religion Centers

Construction Sites

Post Construction Clean

Deep Cleaning

Some customers need a very detailed cleaning to get their facility up to standard before their regular commercial cleaning service program begins. This is called a Deep Clean. Your iCareClean consultant may recommend an Initial Deep Cleaning Service if your facility has not been used for some time resulting in built-up dust and soil, if cleaning has been neglected in the past, or if you recently completed construction, renovation or rearranging. Thoroughly cleaning baseboards, vents, lighting fixtures, window sills, door frames, and all horizontal and vertical surfaces will get your facility back into shape.

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